Thursday, 26 January 2012

All In The Family

Hi There,

I am continuing with my 'Just One Sketch ' layouts and the second challenge is to rotate my sketch . With this in mind I found a portrait photograph that will go in my family tree album.

My brother has been tracing our family tree and I am doing a scrapbook using all the old photos. The photo on this layout is of my great-grandparents with my grandmother and her brother. Whilst I was checking out the information and names I suddenly realised that my nan's mun had died when she was 11 and her dad passed away two years later leaving her an orphan at 13.

Although she lived until the grand old age of 94 she never spoke of this to me and I am now so curious as to how she managed. A conversation to have with my father when I see him next...

I used K&Co's Maison Scrap Pad by Brenda Walton. This scrap pad has served me well and is so suited to using with old photos. I have made an 80th scrapbook with it and some cards and still have papers and embellishments left !

I am working now on my mirror image pages and looking at the task after that, see that it a monochrome layout...drat even though this picture may not show it this is a brown monochrome page !!!

Hey ho.

Happy Crafting

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Izzy in the Snow


Although I have had a busy week, I am pleased to have finished my first layout for 'just one sketch'. I found this photo while I was tidying up my pictures folder, I hadn't seen it before and fell in love with it.

As I still had Christmassy stash out and it was a snowy picture I thought I'd use some up.

It is a picture of my rescue greyhound Izzy in December 2010 at Highwoods Country Park. She is such a lovely pet and this photo sums up the freedom she now has.

I don't scrapbook much but was happy with the result. What do you think ?

So....first layout done, now we have to rotate the sketch for the second to hunt down another photo.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Just One Sketch

Hiya All,

Not much crafting been done around here this year. Went to the Eclectic Keepsakes crop last Saturday and had a lovely day as usual. The last few weeks haven't been great and needed cheering up. Mission accomplished..thank you girls !!! Didnt manage to finish a mini scrapbook that I started, but watch this space.

I recently signed up for an online scrapbooking class and have had to come up with my 'just one sketch '. This was a bit of a problem as I don't do loads of scrapbooking and do not have a lot to choose from.
BUT I do make a lot of cards and cards are sort of like small scrapbook pages. So..after considering the cards I have loved making last year, three stood out for me.

Apart from the colours, the layout of these cards please me and so I have made my sketch based on these and adapted for a scrapbook page.

Ta Dah !!

Have added some bunting because I like it and a space for journalling because I don't.

It all starts on Sunday 15th and its not too late to join in.

Will keep you updated as I go along.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Another Year

As usual the family gathered at my parents on New Years day. It has become a tradition that started when we couldn't all get together at Christmas because of work family etc. It is a day that I love as I get to see all the people that are the most important to me in one place.
The main reason we go is to celebrate my parents wedding anniversary, and yesterday they had been married for 57 years !

This is the card I made for them, another rubbish photo, seem to be taking a lot of them recently, must do better.

Well done folks, here's to next year !

On a totally seperate note, I have joined a blog called 'just one sketch' to hopefully encourage me to do more scrapbooking and support a good cause at the same time.
It is run by Miss Smith, costs £5 and the proceeds go towards supporting the Guides.
Go and have a look...maybe I'll see you there.