Sunday, 22 April 2012

Just One Sketch 4

I know...I got all behind. Anyhow working my way through the prompts again. On the Easter weekend I was joined for the second year running by Mum and Sis to happily craft away whilst DB is off doing his thing. All good as usual. So, with a whole weekend ahead of me decided to do prompt 4 - monochrome. I didnt fancy black and white and had done brown and vintage looking already. So as a framed layout had been requested by my daughter I picked the colour to match her home decor..purple.
I ended up doing two layouts almost the for me to keep and a framed version to give away.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Black and Cream

Hello All

A little while back I was lured into ordering some stash from a well known crafting channel. I don't watch said channel all that often nowadays but you know how it goes...ooh that looks good, presenter says hurry now stocks won't last, fast forward to you on the internet ordering !
Anyway, package arrives, I open it excitedly and oh...did I really want this ??

Then a few days later I look again and do you know what... it's very good !
Once I started making cards with it, I didn't want to stop !

So, just a couple to show

A New Home card for my Son who is finally in his new abode.

And a birthday card for my Mum

I had already made her one but thought she would like this better...I was right !

And I made another birthday card that I forgot to photograph..

They are all made using Kanbans McKenzie collection and embellishments plus some Spellbinders dies and embossing folders.
And there is still loads was a bargain after all !