Monday, 11 June 2012


Hello all,

Just a quick post. I have been very busy card preparing...that is deciding what I am going to do but not assembling it all. So I have about half a dozen cards to put together.

I have finished off one special card but can't show that off yet !!

Anyway I'll show you these cards I made a little while back.

It was one of those evenings when I just fancied doing some cutting out, and happened across a CD I had bought and not used. It is "Sew Cute " by Chameleon Card Craft, I printed out some sheets and made some little A5 cards. As I have been making big 8 x 8 cards for a while now it made quite a change.

As I was cutting I realised they are the same as the Nitwits collection.

I think they are fun and cute and I loved making them which is what it's all about isn't it ?

And the good news is that they have been passed on to be sold for charity, so happy days all round.

Heres hoping the weather gets better soon...

Laurie x


  1. Beautifully cute cards Laurie xxx

  2. Gorgeous selection of beautiful cards.. love the designs!! so cute. Hugs May x x x